You need to know your customer. But without an expensive customer research budget you’re left to base vital marketing decisions on habit, instinct and hope.

The big brands’ insight into your customer gifts them a significant competitive advantage and every year their big insights budgets maintains their hold over your market.

KHWS offers a unique service for challenger and start-up brands which combines invaluable brand insight with compelling creative work. We call it Clever Creative Counts.

It’s Clever because it’s driven by a world-class understanding of the unconscious biases that drive your customer’s buying decisions, developed with and academically validated by Durham University Business School.

It’s Creative because our research, strategy and activation are delivered in-house, which means the precious customer buying behaviour insights we uncover are carried through into your marketing assets with nothing lost in translation.

And it Counts because it delivers real world proven sales growth for disruptors. It does this by maximising the micro-effects of your messaging, marketing, packaging, point-of-sale, website and more on your customer’s decision to buy…

...with mathematically proven* 95% certainty.

*All insights undergo rigorous statistical testing to ensure that we can predict your customer’s buying decisions with >95% confidence.

For more information or to book an introductory meeting contact: Andrew Watts -
Tel 07768 991396